How many juices will I be drinking per day?

You will start your day with 50mls of Super Elixir Shot. Then, throughout the day, consume 4 x 500ml cold pressed Juices and 1 x 500ml Nut Mylk. 

Use the remaining Super Elixir Shot with hot water during the day to replace your usual cups of tea or coffee.

Overall, nearly three litres of raw, cold pressed goodness.

Can I drink anything else other than juice whilst on the cleanse?

Absolutely! We recommend you drink at least eight cups of fluid (i.e. water or herbal teas) plus your cleanse juices per day. The fluids will assist in flushing toxins from your system and help you feel full. Warm herbal teas can also benefit those trying to kick the coffee habit to the curb!

Can I eat solid food whilst cleansing?

For the majority of the time the answer is no. The purpose of cleansing is to give the whole digestive system a well-earned break. BUT, for those who feel the urge to chew, it is much better to add an apple, some raw vegetables or half an avocado into your cleansing regime, than to give up completely. So if you must eat something – make it a healthy choice and continue to cleanse!

What type of juicer do you use?

We use a commercial grade cold press juicer to make each and every one of our Juices, Elixirs and Nut Mylks.

What is the difference between cold pressed juice and the juice I buy at the juice bar or make at home?

The juicer machines used in most cafes, or bought for home use, are centrifugal juicers. These machines utilise fast, metal, spinning blades to shred the fruit and vegetables - creating huge amounts of friction and heat. This destroys the living nutrients and enzymes in the juice and also causes oxidation of the fruit and vegetables – the result, a “cooked” oxidized juice with decreased nutritional value.

The cold press process starts with grinding the fruit and vegetables manually without the use of friction or heat. The result is a beautiful pulp, which is then pressed to squeeze out the juice, thereby retaining all the living nutrients and enzymes – a truly raw juice.

Do the juices need to be refrigerated and how long will the juice stay fresh?


The Juices, Elixirs and Nut Mylks in your cleanse are not pasteurised. This means they have not been heated and do not contain preservatives - and are instead fresh, raw and full of goodness. 

Please refrigerate as soon as the cleanse pack is delivered. When kept refrigerated and unopened, The Juicer and Co juices will stay fresh for three days. 

Each bottle has a use by date on it for your convenience.

Do you pasteurise your juice?


When juice is pasteurised it is heated to a high temperature destroying vital nutrients and enzymes in the raw juice. 

We do not use High Pressure Processing, also known as cold pasteurisation (as supermarket cold press juices do) for the same reason.

By not pasteurising our juices, we are delivering to you a product with 100% of its natural nutritional profile.

Is the juice diluted with water?


All our juices are 100% fresh fruit and vegetables.

Are there any additives or sweeteners in the juice?


Our juices are created using only the natural sweetness you get from using the very best produce – just as Mother Nature intended.

Can I have my favourite juice each time?

Our raw ingredients are subject to seasonal and environmental issues which can impact supplies. If we experience shortages and are unable to supply your requested juice, please be assured we will substitute the juices with a similar (and just as good) juice.

Why has my juice separated?

Because we only use fresh, raw ingredients you may find that your juice will sometimes vary in colour, texture and taste.

Settling and separation occurs naturally in a raw juice as there are no additives in the juice to bind the ingredients – so shake it!    

Please be aware that floating and clumping are also common in a raw juice.

Who should cleanse?

In the modern world, we can struggle to find time for ourselves and often our health suffers as a result. A cleanse offers the chance to reset the body and mind. 

A cleanse from The Juicer & Co can be enjoyed by most people, even those who are lactose intolerant and follow a vegetarian or gluten free diet.

A cleanse is not appropriate for children under the age of eighteen or for anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding. Certain medical conditions may also make a cleanse unsuitable for some individuals. Please consult with your doctor before undertaking a cleanse if you have a medical condition or take medications.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should not restrict you diet to liquids for any period of time, as you require extra calories and nutrients at this special time. We would love to have you do a cleanse with us once baby has arrived and you have finished breastfeeding. 

How will I feel while cleansing?

One goal of the cleansing process is to “loosen up” the toxins within our system. This can generate some of the following symptoms; headaches, dizziness, general aches and pains, low energy, runny nose, nausea, diarrhoea and/ or constipation. You may experience none or some of these symptoms – but we promise this will pass and soon you will feel lighter, more energised and alive!

Where do you make your juices?

We are lucky enough to have the use of a gorgeous commercial kitchen in Bunbury. So you can be certain that all Juices, Nut Mylks and Elixirs are made under the strictest of food safety conditions to reach you in their optimal state.

Should I do a one, three or five day cleanse?

It is purely a personal decision. 

Cleansing for five days is a deeper, more intense experience than cleansing for one or three days. 

Keep in mind, it is best to plan your cleanse for a period of time when you can make your body a top priority. Remember, that whilst on the cleanse, you do not need to shop for or prepare food. This can help relieve some of the stress in your day. 

Listen to your body. For a beginner, we recommend starting with a three day cleanse.

Will I lose weight?

The answer to this is variable. Whilst losing weight may be a side effect, it is certainly not the goal of undertaking a cleanse.

How often should I cleanse?

Weekly, monthly - it’s completely up to you! We just want you to remember that you are worth the effort AND your body will love you for it.

I have ordered. What now?

Your cleanse will be delivered to your home or workplace on the requested day and within the time period stated at time of ordering. Please ensure someone is available at this time to take delivery and refrigerate juices.  Alternatively you can pick up your cleanse from our stockists.

Can I exercise during my cleanse?

Yes! Working up a light sweat will help release toxins through your pores, but remember to listen to your body and don’t overdo it.

What is dry skin brushing?

Using a stiff, bristle brush, firmly brush your skin with strokes brushing towards your heart. This helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates your lymphatic system, assisting in the detox process.

Can I smoke whilst cleansing?

To maximise your juice cleanse results, we would strongly suggest that you don’t smoke in order to flush as many toxins from your body as possible. 

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